Wizwiki-W7500P board keeps rebooting about every 30 seconds


I just got my new Wizwiki-W7500P board last week. I flashed the example httpServer code to the board by using MDK CMSIS-DAP. Everything works fine, I can watch the output from Tera terminal and access the web server. But about every 30 seconds, the boards reboots. Because I see the output on the terminal:

PHY is linked.

gets repeated about every 30 seconds.

Anybody knows why?

Thank you,


hello, julies.

Thank you for your interest in WIZwiki-W7500P.

You said the board reboots… but Im not sure it is…

Could you check the code?

if the printf automatically pop up in every 30 sec, I think the reason is the firmware…

After check it please feel free to ask me if you could not find the reason.

thank you