Serial Data to Multicast



I was searching through the information about the wiz550web, but could not find any info on how and if it is possible to configure the serial to send the data over multicast.



WIZ550web is not a serial to ethernet module.
It is a module that stores webpage on SD card and operates as webserver.
Serial to Ethernet modules are WIZ550SR and WIZ550S2E.

Of course, since the W5500 chip is used, the user can add functions.
The source of WIZ550 series is open.
Unfortunately, it is not implemented for Multicast, but it can be created by users using existing libraries.

Please refer to the following URL for the code.

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The main functionalitys I need are Serial to ethernet (preferrably with multicast) and a few controllable GPIO pins.
Do you have anything like that, It is time consuming to search through all of your modules and boards, maybe you know exactly what I need.


How many GPIOs do you want to control?

Please refer to the following link for Serial to Ethernet module.
However, the function for Multicast must be implemented by the user.

For the products listed above, open source is provided at the link below.

It is hard to recommend from me because there is no product that can satisfy everything you want.



I can manage with only 1, if there are 1 or 2 more, it would be good. But minimum 1 output.

I did not see any GPIO on the S2E or SR versions


For SR and S2E products, the indicator pin can be used as a general GPIO. (User customization required)

And SR and Web (ver 1.1) use the same MCU (STM32F103RCT6).
In this case, the user can port the Serial to Ethernet Code of the SR to the WEB module which has many GPIO pins. (User customization required)

After all, whatever you use, you have to do customizing (For multicast and GPIO use, etc.).

In my personal opinion, it would be better to use WEB rather than SR, S2E.
Of course, if you can judge that it is okay to use some pin (Indicator LED Pin) in SR, S2E as general GPIO, SR, S2E will be more convenient.



Thank you for the information and fast replys.

Will consider these options :slight_smile:.