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WizFi250 error


We want to connect 2 WizFi250 boards and we can not achieve it

Configure 2 Wi-Fi boards as one Server and another as a client.

Module A: AP mode,, TCP Server,
Module B: Station mode,, TCP Client

[Configurations in Module A]
AT + WSET = 1, WizFi250_AP
AT + WSEC = 1, WPA2,12345678
AT + WNET =,,

[Configurations in Module B]
AT + WSET = 0, WizFi250_AP
AT + WSEC = 0, WPA2,12345678
AT + WNET =,

AT + WJOIN <----------------------------------- In the client module, this is where the fault is generated.

At the time of doing the WJOIN of module B, in Module A the WJOIN was already done and it is in listening mode.

Both plates had a Factory Reset at the time of the practice.

What is missing from us or where is the error?

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