Realtime EtherCAT Master for Raspberry pi using W5500


Hello all,
I am using W5500 to build the hard-realtime EtherCAT Master for Rapsberry pi. If you are interested in it, check here:

Several demonstration videos:



The Raspberry Pi Zero board looks great. Is it open hardware?
Where is the source code for the W5500 driver located?
I’ve done a user-space implementation using the BCM2835 library ( I am eager to learn from your implementation.

Thanks, Arjan


Yes, the PiCAT board (the white board in rpi zero form) is open, I will transfer it to Eagle and make public soon.
Currently, I didn’t open W5500 driver yet. Basically it is also implemented in user-space using mmap to peripheral registers like bcm2835.
Thanks your interest!


Hi, what is the status of your project? I am looking into an option how to connect 2 W5500 to Raspberry Compute Module CM3 and use it for EtherCAT together with Codesys. Your driver or the PiCAT board design would help me a lot. Can you please share it? Thank you very much!