I have wiz127sr. Trying to configure the device, I launched Configuration tool after I pressed search button the mac adress of the device appeared. Then I found the newer firmware version and tried to load it. I was waiting for 5 mins but nothing happened. Afterward I restart the conf tool and the deveice, but I cant see it any more, even factory reset didnt help.


First, Please use with the latest version firmware(1.0) and configuration tools(

If you have done but it does not work, post again please.

[quote]First, Please use with the latest version firmware(1.0) and configuration tools([/quote] Done! Unfortunately without success.
During the firmware *loading the Config tool crashed (stoped working). Afterward I wasn’t able to load any firmware version. So I did factory reset. Is it possible the device, to not be able to return initial firmware version? Another thing I should let you know is that, when I plug the RJ45 the green led is constantly on and the yellow one blink e.g. 1sec_on 0.2sec_off. The most of the time Y_led is on with short off pulses. May be that would help you to diagnose my issue…

Factory reset will reset all configuration values. Not firmware.
After reset the module, try to find module via configuration tool.
If you do not success to find, let me know your e-mail address.
I will send boot binary to your e-mail for recover wiz127sr.

Thank you! My Email is: prorandy88@gmail.com. A couple of questions occurred. How am I suppose to program the binary rs232/Ethernet ? Do I need special bootloader, or there is embedded one inside Conf. tool? Please give me some details or link to refer to!

I am writing the guide document now.
But It takes some time.
I will send it until 12 Feb.