W7500P: Hardware Factory Defaults / Reset?

I was wondering if it is possible to trigger a factory reset / defaults by hardware. Essentially clearing the chip of all user-defined settings without using the config tool.
I know some other chips have in the W7500x-series have this feature.

Is there a combination of pins I need to short or similar to load factory defaults?

The W7500 and W7500P do not have built-in firmware, so factory reset does not exist.
I think you are talking about the W7500(P)-S2E. This is the product pre-programmed in the S2E firmware.

Actually I am talking about the W7500P. The problem is, that when settings are changed from the defaults, for instance the IP address, etc. the config tool has to be used to reset it back to a factory-default state.
Using the config tool to do just that, is sometimes quite time intensive, when there are a number of devices coming back our way back from the customer.
I was wondering if there is a way to reset all settings back to a factory-default state via hardware – essentially wiping all changed settings, etc.

The tool we’re using to change settings and even discover devices on the network is called WIZ107SR / WIZ108SR Configuration Tool Ver. or rather a modified version of that.

I hope I’m making sense here, etc.

I will however re-check again, just to make sure we don’t have documentation / information tracking issues on our company’s side, etc.

Right it seems we’ve ordered the pre-programmed chips. It all makes sense now. I’ll re-check whether I can factory-reset those chips then, per datasheet/manual.

Could you point me to the document describing the factory reset function? I was checking the datasheets, and I can’t find anything that describes a hardware-based “reset to factory defaults” option.

Having read through the datasheets of the S2E modules, I found the mentioning of a DEFAULT pin on the W7500S2E manual (W7500S2E series - WizSE Page 47 “8.3 Factory Reset through Module Pin”).

Since we’re using the W7500P-S2E IC in our product, I’d assume that pin is also available on the pre-programmed IC, however I can’t find which pin this is on the W7500P-S2E IC.
I’ve read through the W7500P-S2E datasheets and manuals (W7500P-S2E / Ethernet MCU / WIZnet Microsite) , but I couldn’t find anything.
In case this is not available, are the Gerber files or perhaps even the PCB design files for the W7500S2E modules available somewhere? If that’s the case, I can figure out myself where to attach the DEFAULT pin to, etc.

(Screenshot of page 47 of the W7500S2E user manual, referencing the DEFAULT pin)

I was wondering if the module board contains some sort of extra circuity, or if it is directly routed through to one of the pins on the IC, perhaps.

Right, I found the pin on the W7500S2E-C1 using this schematic: “W7500S2E-C1 Reference Schematic”, available here: https://www.wizse.com/w7500s2e/ .

In that schematic pin PC_01 / DEFAULT is at pin 54. Now in our product we’re using the W7500P-S2E (with integrated network PHY). Is the DEFAULT pin the same on that version?