Altera FPGA Board with W5300 - TCP or UDP


 First time i am using W5300 Ethernet in my project. I am not that much strong in Coding part. No other go, i need to run my experiment through W5300. I have connected W5300 to Altera Cyclone V FPGA board. I want to make communication between Board and PC through W5300. 

I have created simple Counter design in Altera quartus workspace. I need to run the counter data in Hercules through W5300 (Either TCP or UDP). I don`t know how to create packets [W5300 coding part]. Can anyone guide or can anyone share me the simple example design.

Please refer as below.
This project is using the MCU and W5300.


Thanks for your response.

In your attachement, i am able to see only Codes. So Any example design using WIZNET 5300 For Alter Quartus will help me most.

How to interlink Tristate conduit bridge/Generic Controller with WIZNET 5300.

Currently, i am reading the counter data in NIOS using FIFO (SOPC). Now i need to read the data in PC through WIZNET 5300. Please anyone guide me

Hi~ I think you want to use PC and W5300 through network , Is it right?
If is right, you should be select the network protocol(UDP or TCP).
Please refer to previous code about how to use of this protocol(loopback.c)