Wiznet 110SR - need help with configuration, please

I ordered 110SR month ago, and I have trouble to configure it correctly, I am newbie with such devices.

  • I have device with serial port - Satel Integra, and I want to access that device remotely via PC, the device (Satel) could be accessed only through COM port, (as the Satel communication software uses only COM ports). I want to use the 110SR as the ethernet bridge between PC and Satel like following:

PC with Satel communication software -use COM1 ----- ETHERNET ---- COM port on Satel integra device

I setup the 110SR with ip address, setup is as SERVER (I want to access the 110SR from computer), see attached picture01.jpg and on the computer where I want to use the Satel communication software for Satel Integra I installed and configured the VIZ VSP software, see attached picture02.jpg , as you can see I created virtual COM1 port.

Then I run my Satel communication software connected it to COM1, but nothing happened, I cannot connect to the device ( is pingable and responds to ping). I can see that some data are send to COM1 (part “sent” in picture02.jpg, but from the device there are not sent any data (received=0)) Could someone help me what I am doing wrong with my setup ?

Well… Check the other device that has same IP address as “”
I guess the VSP tring to connect another device that has same IP address.
Your setting is fine.

Hi, thanks for the reply, i was connected via ethernet cable directly to 110sr (computer to wiznet), there were no other devices. Ping to 110sr responded. Any other ideas how to run this setup?

It was Lunar New Year holiday in South Korea.
So, I’m late to reply.

Turn off all firewall of your PC.
I guess your firewall will defend connection.

If you face same problem after turn off the firewall,
Check the connection using other TCP client program.

There is no firewall on machine from I want to connect.
What do you mean using other TCP client program ? to test if I can connect to virtual com port ?
Satel is using only proprietary software, and there is no other software I can connect to device with :frowning:

When I am using USB to serial dongle, everything is working correctly.