WIZ110SR powered at 24V - tech info request

Hi all!
I need to power the module with 24V, to do that I’ve desoldered the power barrel connector and soldered a 24V to 5V SIP3 DC-DC switching converter on the solder side of the board, see the attached image.
Of course this can be enough for some lab testing but not for production, not a clean solution.
I’ve see that the IL1117C-3.3 low dropout voltage regulator is supplied directly through the input connector and I’ve to be sure that the 5V is not anymore used inside the board. If this is right I can desolder the U5 linear regulator and use in place of it a SIP3 DC-DC 24V to 3.3V switching regulator in order to power directly the module with a 24V DC power supply.
I kindly request if is possible to have a electrical schematic of the WIZ110SR REV1.0 board or simply a confirm that the 5V voltage is only used to power the U5 linear regulator and not used anymore into the board to avoid any board damage.

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Dear Livewire,

As a result, 5 V is only connected to the input of the IL1117-3.3(U5) and to the J2 TestPoint at the bottom of the board.
And the IL1117 has a maximum input of 20V. Therefore, as you said, you must replace it with a DC-DC or LDO with 24V support.
As mentioned above, it is not a problem to test, but it is not recommended to use a modified board for mass production.

Hi Mason,
thank for your reply.

Well, just as an idea so take it as is, I think should be great add a SIP3 switching regulator in your next board release to make it ready for 24V environment. A good switching choice may be the MORSUN K7803-500R3 SIP3 module (you have just to slighty move the C22 and C19 capacitors to make some space for the switching module body to accomodate it on the board), and instead of the barrel power plug P2 use a 2 pin 0.1" spaced terminal block, I think this can be an interesting improvement in order to make the module more usabe into industrial environment.

In order to retain the direct 5V power supply you can also add a jumper to populate with a 0R (SMD 1206) to be compatible with the actual release, so the module can be shipped equipped for a extended range (24 V) or classical 5 V power supply (without the switching module and the LDO U5 as into the currently supplied board in order to get the price lower as possible).

Another think may be let the schematic and pcb open (e.g. provide the schematic and pcb board files for the Eagle CAD, sincerely I don’t know if these one are available or not because I’ve not performed a search through your web site) and provide, upon request, the microcontroller firmware (hex) so anyone will be able to integrate the component into the your own environment with the facility of the on the fly configuration (the GUI application you did) as is actually possible with your current board.

I think this is a very good product and may have very nice applications inside industrial field with some little changing.

Just some think!

Best regards!