Shared Secret for Radius Server


I try to set the security mode via serial interface using the GU command. There are some modes using a radius server for management of the security.

The Radius Server also uses a password which is refered to as follows in the serial command:

e.g. <S4_2_0_0_0_0_Password_RadiusIp_RadiusPort>

When setting the Password, the command is accepted, but the password doesn’t show up on the web page.
In the Radius settings the only indication for the password is the so-called “shared secret”. Is this identical to the password, set in the serial command and if yes, why does it not show up on the web page.

This isue is very important for us, as we are about to release our product in the near future.
Thank you for your cooperation.


This problem will be fixed in next firmware version. But we can’t provide new firmware to you immediately.
Because we need some time for fixing this issue.