How can I receive data from LAN interface


I purchased a WIZNET110SR S2E module recently and trying to get data from our medical laboratory analyzer using the WIZNET s2e module’s LAN interface. The serial device(med Analyzer) transfers and receives data from external system(LIS) through its serial RS 232 interface. I tested the module’s s2e feature successfully with terminal utility hercules. But when I am connecting the serial device to the WIZNET gateway module and trying to get data from the LAN interface of the module, I don’t receive any data. The procedure I am following for this testing is as follows:

  1. Connecting the serial device to Wiznet’s serial int with serial cable.
  2. Connecting the LAN int with LAN cable from the local network
  3. Creating a virtual COM port with option 2 (client) and adding the IP/port of Wiznet module
  4. Opening the Virtual COM port with hercules serial window to listening serial data
  5. Press data send button in Serial device
    Result: Nothing is showing in console window.
    Now, would you please tell me the exact steps to have the data in Wiznet’s LAN interface.
    Please give me a solution how I activate the features/functions of the module in such real world scenarios

Hi, Prom001

could you explain your system? is it like this?

device --< serial cable >-- wiznet110sr --< lan cable >-- local pc

If you do, you have to open TCP or UDP port on hercules to receive the data from wiznet110sr.
But do I understanding well?
Anyway I am waiting your reply. :slight_smile:

Thank you