How to auto reconnect with AP in multi bridge mode

I am now working in multi bridge mode. I try to restart AP, but wiz630 didn’t reconnect with the AP. After that i manually restart wiz630, the connection regenerated. Is there any solution that I don’t need to restart 630, and it auto reconnect with the AP after connection lost.


I did test about this issue. But WizFi630 could operate well.
Please check the difference between my environment and yours.

My Test Environment is as below.

WizFi630’s Firmware version is <1.1.29(20131112)> and operate Multi-Bridge Mode.
After connecting to AP, I try to turn off AP(model : IpTimeN604M) and then I check wi-fi status using command. WizFi630 did output . it means disconnected with AP.

After 10 minute, I try to turn on AP and then I did check wi-fi status using command. WizFi630 did output <S1_WiznetKaizen_0026667B9DB0_7_150_46>. It means that WizFi630 reconnected to AP well.

I will send 1.1.29 firmware via your e-mail. maybe you don’t have it.