Configuration of WAN port with seriel Interface failed



i have a strange problem and hope that anyone can help me. My Wiz610wi is working in AP Mode with firmware version 1.2.5 and i try to change the WAN port settings via seriel Interface from static IP to DHCP client. If the Module is not connected to a network over LAN interface, all is working. But if the Module is connected to any network, changing the settings failed… With older versions v1.2.3 or v1.2.4 is no problem visible…

Now my question is, if there is any change in v1.2.5 which could explain this behaviour?

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I did test about this issue. But I don’t find your problem.
This is my test environment. Can you check what is different you and me?

I connect LAN cable to WIZ610wi’s LAN port. And then I return response when I issue the AT command.
Is it right test environment for finding your problem?

And by the way, I used version 1.2.5(20130902) of WIZ610wi.




the problem for me is if i use command . It seems, that the Module did not see this command. I think so, because the Module remains in the actual state and did not response with . And i am waiting for more than 1 minute. Switching from DHCP client to static IP with command is working also fine for me…

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We saw this problem. So we will modify this problem to next firmware version.
But we need some time for fixing this problem.

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Hello kaizen,

thank you for your answer! So i will wait for new release of Firmware and meanwhile i will use version 1.2.4.

Thanks for your support!

By, Norbert