We replaced firmware version with version in order to solve a connection problem that was deemed to be caused by a lack of memory resources. Presumably has more memory and will solve this connection problem.

When our Host connects to version WizFi immediately disconnects. We see this using WireShark, the FIN, ACK bits are returned.

How do we make a simple connection as would?

Attached is the WizFi command Log.
Connect1.2.0.3S2WEAP.log (4.26 KB)


I think this problem is not due to the firmware of WizFi210.
In our place, I did test as your environment. But I can’t see your phenomenon.
So I think you need to check your network environment in order that you solve this problem.

This is our test video. Please refer it.
[url]WizFi210 Demo Video for answering on Wiznet Forum - YouTube