How can I configure the WIZ107SR via the serial port

I have a WIX107DT-EVB kit and I can enter the serial configuration mode by toggling the “hardware trigger” switch to the ON position and resetting the device but I can not seem to enter the serial configuration mode using the “software trigger”. I’ve followed the example on pages 24 and 25 of the manual but there seems to be no response from the “TE” or “SS” commands when the hardware switch is in the OFF position.

I would like to be able to eventually configure the system using the serial interface using the software trigger method.

I seem to have solved this issue… I simply changed the default trigger code from “01 02 03” to “2b 2b 2b” (+++) and it seems to work correctly. It enters the serial configuration mode as expected and I can manipulate the configuration values as desired. I haven’t tried changing the trigger code further since this works for me.