WizFi250 AP mode, routing data between clients?

Hi All,

It is possible such network configuration:

Module A: WizFi250 AP mode,, UDP Server,
Module B: WizFi250 Station mode,, UDP Client
Module C: WizFi250 Station mode,, UDP Client
Module D: Android tablet: Station mode, UDP Client

Module B,C and D connected toWi-Fi Net made by module A.

Is it possible to exhange data (UDP frames) beween modules D and A, D And B, D and C?
(Tablet that read data from 3 sensors).

Or I have to use external Access Point/Router?

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Hello TeleVox

As you said, it’s possible that <Module A ~ D> can send/receive a data between each other.
But, for , you had better choose WizFi630(or another AP module) than WizFi250.

Because, in AP mode, WizFi630 is more stable and powerful than WizFi250.


What does it mean that WizFi630 is more stable?
WizFi250 isn’t stable in Ap mode? What problems are?

WizFi630 is to larage for my device (don’t fit in the case).

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WizFi630 support all AP features(WEP, WPA, WPA2, WAN Interface, NAT, …).
WizFi630(AP mode) can be connected many WiFi station with full network speed.
In other words, WizFi630 is very similar to a general AP(router).

But, WizFi250(AP mode) have some limitation like quantity to be connected and network throughput.