WIZFI630 NTP gives incorrect time

I have the TMZ set for Eastern. When I click on the Done button under the NTP section, the time comes up 1 hour off. It also is off after a power up. If I click on the Sync button it displays the correct time. Click on the Done button again (sometimes have to click on it twice) and we are back to 1 hour off. If I set the TMZ for GMT then I end up with a 4 hour difference. The Synced time is not correct for England it is still Eastern time. The time after clicking Done button may be correct, as it is 4 hours later. It almost seems that the Time Zone is set in two different places and one of them is stuck on Eastern.

Is there a correction for this problem? Is there a way to force a Time Sync?


For the NTP time, we are not sure that it has problem.
Can you check ip address and check NTP can get communication ?
Can you check network is working well ? ( check any of firewall at the front )
Can you login into telnet and ps command log ?
Can you send us your config file ?
Which operation mode do you use it ?


Thu Aug 7 17:14:13 GMT 2014


Thu Aug 7 17:14:20 GMT 2014

With above information, we will provide you a rapid service.

Test result in Korea :
We have tested with in Korea by configuring Taipei, Korea , and some of other countries. There was no problem .


NTP-Error.zip (425 KB)

Here is the requested information mentioned in your reply. I get the same results no matter what time server I use: time.bora.net, time.nist.gov, or pool.ntp.org


While our test, we can not make find any of problem.

Please refer following information.

  1. Sync Host Button : This is test only to sync “your computer- web page login computer”
    please do not use this button

  2. Config Time Zone and NTP Server and Press Save Button

  3. Check Time

    1. login via telnet
    2. date
      • Time can be seen.
    3. if Time is not valid then it it problem.
  4. If you have further problem , please let us know about it.

If you look at the first page of the NTP error PDF file you will see the time is 1 hour off. The correct Eastern time is shown in the lower right hand corner. This is a problem. Another problem I am having is that when the microprocessor reads the time from the module it will report back 0’s for a time and then 1999 for a while until it finally comes up with a date in the 21st century (though it is 1 hour earlier then it should be). I did the telnet ‘date’ and it is also incorrect.

  1. 1 Hour Time Gap
    It might be driven from “Summer Time” so there is 1 hour difference gap.
    Our system use GMT. It does not compensate Summer Time GAP ( 1 Hour)

  2. Initial Time difference, it can be some of time difference before NTP get the time.

    • Our module does not have RTC so it depends on NTP.
      in boot sequences,
      1. Module connect to AP
      2. Module get the IP
      3. NTP get the Time from NTP Server.