Number of Client connections can be increased

Hi Team,

I’m working on wizfi360-PA,
AT version: 5 2020 17:23:23)
SDK version:3.2.0(a0ffff9f)

In a AT command manual mentioned that 0-4 (i.e, total 5) clients can be connect with a single server.

Can we increase the number of clients connections with a single server, OR

Can we make the connection between two servers?

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Hi @Sushma_N_S

1 server supports up to 4 client connections.

It does not support connecting more clients, nor does it support connecting between 2 servers.

Hi Team,

Thank you for the response,
Can I know the reason for restricting to 4 clients to single server.

Hi @Sushma_N_S

We limited the number of clients to 4 to prevent malfunctions caused by insufficient resources.

okay, Thank you!!