WIZ110 SR Configuring as server

Hello all,
I am using “WIZ110SR” for serial to Ethernet conversion. I have 2 questions.

      1. I have configured Wiznet as a Server. So according to me, it has to accept  connection from clients. But it will not accept connection
          more than one client. Is it possible to connect with multiple clients?    

      2. Is it possible to change configuration settings of Wiznet via TCP/IP tools like Hercules, TCP Test Tool....?  
          It will be helpful if you clear my doubts.


I reply your 2 questions.

  1. By default, only one connection is allowed per socket in TCP / IP.
    Thus, It is normal for one client to be connected to one socket.
    If you want to connect multiple clients, you need multiple sockets.
    W5100 chip on WIZ110SR is supported 4 Independent hardware socket.
    However, it basically use all four sockets. (Config, Data, DHCP, DNS …)
    So, Multiple connect is possible only if the user modifies the software separately…
    It is also possible to give up some of the above four…

  2. It is possible to change the configuration settings with the Configuration Tool or Terminal Tool.
    Please refer to the link below.

& Below is Configuration Tool download link.

I hope this helps.