WIZ 107SR - TCP connection error :10061


I am using a WIZ107SR (configured as TCP-Server) and have troubles with multiple connections:

The first connection is always ok but if i try to establish a second connection from the same Client-IP it get a TCP connection error :10061 (Connection refused by Server).
When i disconnect the first connection, I can connect again. But always only one connection at the same time.

Does wiz107SR support multiple connections at the same time? If yes, what could be the reason for the behavior i mentioned above.


Hi JFerner.
WIZ107SR does not support multiple connections.
It’s possible to only one TCP connection established at the same time.


Hello Eric!

Thanks for the fast response!
I’ve one more Question: Is there a wiznet serial-to-ethernet-converter that supports multiple connections?


Hi. Hannes.
We have WIZ120/125SR (2 UART port) and WIZ140/145SR (4 UART port) for supports multiple serial device connection.
And, WIZ550S2E will supports ‘1-UART port to multiple ethernet connection’ (multiple socket control) function soon.
( - development schedule is not clear when completed - )

Please refer to the Serial to Ethernet module lists in WIZnet official website.
wiznet.co.kr/sub_modules/en/ … =5&cate2=8


multiple socket control

when this function will be available

I’m sorry about that again.
The development schedule for ‘WIZ550S2E mutiple socket support function’ is not clear when completed.
I’ll post it for you when the exact schedule will be set.


Hi ,

I am running the server example code (loopback_tcps) of ioLibrary on w5500.
When Client disconnect buy power on or suddenly any how and tried to connect it again It’s return “TCP connection error :10061”

Please suggest the solution for it.