Multiple Sockets in W7100?


W7100A have the provision for multiple sockets but where as in WIZ107SR there is no option. Is Multiple sockets is possible in WIZ107SR.

Hi, @Muralidhar

Unfortunately, WIZnet does not offer ‘serial to Ethernet’ module that supports multiple sockets.

How many socket connections do you need at the same time? Tell us about the features and options you want, we’ll let you know about development possibilities or plans.

thank you so much for your valuable response sir…and sorry for the late response …
We need multiple sockets ( more than 7). it will be helpful and easier to our development.

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We have no plans to add more features to the WIZ107SR product. Instead, the compatible product WIZ750SR(W7500P MCU based) supports the same functions and targets user’s customizing.

Our latest Ethernet chip products - W5500 and W7500x - support up to 8-hardware sockets. that means that 8-connections can be established at the same time. In case of WIZ750SR series, the firmware source code is open in GitHub, so please use it to develop the product.