Sending to multiple servers Wiz105sr

I am uswing wiz105sr module and wants to send data to 2 different servers. As far as I know, the server details are picked by the module from its configuration. How can we then send data to multiple servers?

wiz105sr supports 4 sockets and each socket has each internet communication.
If you want to communicate with multiple peers, you must open multiple sockets.
And each sockets must be set different peer information.

Hi Tanks for the information. Can you share any technical document on how to open multiple sockets?

hello pthakkar

Sorry wiz105sr support only one port, I only know about W5100 (it supports 4 sockets).
When I try to find the way to open multiple socket with wiz105sr, there is no way for it.
If you want to communicate with two servers, you have to use two wiz105sr.
Sorry about it

Thank you