Config tool does not find all wiz107 devices

I hope wiznet staff read this, as they don’t have a tech support on the web site…

the PC program ‘config tool’ does not find all wiz107 devices on a (small ) LAN network.
doing a ‘search’ finds only 34 devices maximum, where there are up to 60 active.
The other wiz107 devices can be found by a UDP search (and entering the IP address), so they exist and respond.
We have the same problem on a number of LAN networks. All have little traffic.
A PING or IPSCAN program finds all devices, with low response time (<1msec), so there are no network problems.
All devices are standard, only the IP address has been altered.
The problem exists with the latest PC program version and the previous version.

Sorry for inconvenience.
We’re now checking this problem & debugging the config-tool and get back to you soon.

I attached test version of configuration tool. It is ver.
Please confirm the test version.
If you face same problem with new version, please write a post.

Hi Wiznet
This new version now finds a lot more devices. (I’m not sure how many there are, maybe all of them)
What did you change in the code?

I have modified socket buffer size. It is increased the buffer size from 8K to 200K.
In case of 8K, socket can receive packets less than 24 at the same time.
Because the size of configuration message is 338 Bytes.
The packets are received at little different time, So It can receive some more.
In case of 200K, socket can receive packets less than 605 at the same time.

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