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working modes of WiZFi310

  1. Is there any way of starting TCP server in command mode (TSN) and later switch to data mode (I noticed that AT+SDATA doesn’t work then) ?
  2. I didn’t succeed sending UDP broadcast when started in UCN data mode (ie. opening UCN with remote IP). Is it expected behavior or I missed something ?
  3. Working in USN data mode is it legal to send UDP broadcast from some peer in network and expect that the next module’s message will end up at that peer (and only that peer)? Then the peer could learn module’s address (from message) and later on continue sending to that particular address.


Dear djdjdjole

I’ll answer your qeustions.

  1. You can start TCP server in command mode like this.
    -> AT+SCON=O,TSN, , ,5000,0
    but, I didn’t sure whether it can be switched. I’ll find the answer.

  2. If your network is, then try to use as a remote IP.

  3. I’ll find the answer.

I’ll let you know for questions that I didn’t answer ASAP.


Thank you for your efforts. I soon purchased EVK310 and started to familiarize with it in order to find the best way to adapt it to my needs. I may have probably few more questions, although I think AP mode is the one that will suit the best my project’s requirements.


One more matter I noticed during testing. With socket opened as TSN in DATA mode, remote peer can connect and exchange data successfully. However, when third peer try connection to module, it express [DISCONNECT 0], and module goes into COMMAND mode. Both remote peers stays in connected state, although only one (the first one) can send data. But module now presents received data with header info (COMMAND mode), and cannot reply transparently but by the help of AT+SSEND.
I consider it would be better for module not to disconnect it’s listening socket (0), but simply discard second connection and stay in data mode, so communication with first module stays in transparent mode.


Dear djdjdjole

First of all, thank you for noticing us about our product’s bugs.

We tested and recongnized about the first question as you asked(command mode -> data mode).
And we are trying to fix them.

Also, We should test about the latest question. And then we are going to notice about it.

Additionally, there is no way to broadcast(UDP) selectively.

Thank you for inform us about our product’s faults again.

We are trying to find a solution ASAP.


The firm I am working to, soon started new product’s development phase and my task is to decide what modules should we use. That’s why I have to do a bunch of testings, regarding some parts of your module’s entire functionality. Apart from few matters we were talking about, which I think your development team would take into account, I consider it as product that may suit our needs.


I have a question related to data transfer while module is in TSN command mode. Let’s say that remote peer sent 50000 bytes to module. I wonder if module will report (on serial line) only one chunk of data eg. {0,,2347,50000}DATA_BYTES or maybe two (or more) chunks like for example {0,,2347,20000}DATA_BYTES_1 and {0,,2347,30000}DATA_BYTES_2 ?
I suppose there is no rule regarding that matter, but not so sure.


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