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Ethernet Configuration Tool Stopped Working

I’m using the WIZ108SR in an assembly. The end user needs to be able to configure the Ethernet settings after they receive the product. As a result we have been sending the Ethernet configuration tool made by wiznet to the customers. It has worked great. We found out today that the tool has stopped working.

We’ve done some investigation and have been able to isolate the issue to the latest build of windows 10 Version 1709. For some reason when this software is opened on the Version 1709 the software stops sending out the UDP broadcast, thus no devices respond to the broadcast, and you are not able to configure the device.

How do we get an update to resolve this issue? (right now the issue is not huge, but as this update gets more widely adopted then it will become more of an issue. )

Hi, @courtdr1

To solve your problem, please check the following.

  • Use UDP broadcast, port 50001 in order to use the UDP Search from the configuration tool of our module. Please test after disables the OS firewall and anti-virus programs.

  • If there is a problem with the UDP port, users can change the OS inbound / outbound port settings to open the Search & firmware update port (UDP/TCP 50001, TCP 50002).

  • If multiple network adapters are used, an error can occur in sending the packet in the order of the network interface Metric. Please deactivate all other adaptors except the one physical ethernet adapter that is used for OS setting in order to test again.

    • This problem can occur because of the virtual Ethernet adapter, which is used for the networking of Virtual Machines like VMware or Virtual Box is used.

So i went through with IT at my work and he watched for Ethernet traffic while searching, and there was no traffic. So independent of the OS inbound/outbound port setting it is as if the protocol that the Configuration tool uses got obsoleted in the last windows build version 1709 or later.

Additional note: there are no issues with the previous windows build. Please test this at your facility with windows 10 version 1709 (English) or later. then you will see the issue that i’m seeing.

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