How do I send requests over internet using serial ports?

I’ve read the manual up and down and not finding anything clear on how to send data over my internet connection in Gateway Mode from a serial port. How is this done? I am using serial port 2 and it works very nicely in a local setup where the serial port is in server mode on a given port number. I now want to connect to the internet through this serial port. I’m assuming it needs to be in client mode but now I’m confused what the “server IP” should be set to. Also, is port forwarding required since my port may not be 80 or 8080. Any information would likely be of great help.

I also will mention I’m not using a PC on this serial port. My serial port host is a microcontroller.



I have some question about this issue.

First, Did WizFi630 have public IP address? ( public IP is not )
If your answer is no, WizFi630 needs public IP in order to operate TCP server.
And if WizFi630 has public IP, You did not need to use port forwarding.

Second, Did you want to use TCP Server in WizFi630?
If your answer is yes, You don’t need to use server IP. This value is used in TCP client mode or mixed mode.

Hi Kaizen,

Thank you for the response.

So my WizFi630 still has the IP address and setup to operate in Gateway mode. Where, as I understand, LAN port 0 is the WAN port which I have connected to my DSL MODEM/Router which is my link to the internet (I assume it has a public IP address). So how do I give the WizFi630 the public IP? Set same as DSL MODEM/Router?

On your second question, I’ll explain more on how my system is setup:

My system uses a microcontroller as the main control for my system and uses serial port #2 on the WizFi630 to communicate over LAN and WiFi. It has worked very well being in a local system. I am using it in TCP Server mode on port 10000. Other devices can talk to my system through port 10000 on IP and there is a custom protocol developed for data to be passed back and forth for control. All communications are using TCP. So now I want to extend the usage over the internet now. I believe I still need the TCP Server since local devices will still attempt to connect and send data. At the same time I need to be able to access the internet from my microcontroller through the WizFi630 to access another server. Is that making sense?


If you want to construct your system like this picture, you need to set port forwarding to your DSL MODEM.

Because Other Network via Internet don’t connect to private IP address like because Other network can connect only DSL MODEM directly. so DSL MODEM need to set port forwarding in order to connect to WizFi630’s TCP server.

Or If you WizFi630 has public IP like DSL MODEM, other Network’s TCP client can connect to WizFi630’s TCP server directly. In this case, WizFi630 have to receive the public IP from DSL MODEM.(Not set same as DSL MODEM)

About your second question.
Did you want to use TCP Server and TCP client at the same time in WizFi630?
If yes, you have to use 2 serial port. For example, <Serial 1> set TCP client and <Serial 2> set TCP server.

I’m attaching several pics so you can see how my application is setup and what settings are being used on my WIZFI630. Also please note that the AT&T Router is a DSL MODEM/Router. I think I understand what you’re saying about having a public IP so I’ve setup the AT&T Router for IP Passthrough and have done that in two different ways with no good results. I set it for automatic DHCP and also fixed DHCP specifying my MAC address of the WIZFI630. I’m hitting the AT&T Router because it is giving me feedback when I attempt to do an HTTP access.

Surely this can’t be this confusing can it? I’m thoroughly confused at how easy my laptop just connects and gets internet access while the WIZFI630 can’t get anywhere. Help! I’m likely missing something so simple and obvious.



I think that your configuration is some strange.
Is Domain Name Server address right? it is some strange.

And Do you want to connect to tcp server which has ip address to through internet?

in this case, tcp client can’t connect to tcp server without other network’s router setting as port forwarding.

Yes, the assigned IP address does look strange. The AT&T Router is set for Fixed DHCP for IP passthrough and only assigns my WIZFI630 MAC address to that. I could also do Auto DHCP for IP passthrough and the address is more normal (e.g. or something like that). I left something out of my last block diagram which I’ve resolved with the pic below. Notice that I’m not using a LAPTOP to connect to internet through WIZFI630 but a microcontroller over Serial Port 2.

So, which device do I setup for port forwarding (the AT&T Router or the WIZFI630)? I currently have the AT&T Router setup for IP passthrough. My assumption is the WIZFI630 needs to be setup for port forwarding. In that case what am I forwarding to, the gateway IP from the AT&T Router?



If you want to use TCP client in WizFi630, You don’t need to set port forwarding in WizFi630 and your Modem.
Port forwarding is need only TCP server side when TCP server has private IP address as

i.e. If TCP server has ip address, you don’t connect to TCP server.
For connecting TCP server, TCP server has public IP address or setting port forwarding in Other network.
Maybe, You don’t control other network’s Router. So you have to knok TCP server’s public IP address.

Starting to make some very small progress to getting to the internet through the WIZFI630 serial port connected to a microcontroller.

My setup is: WIZFI630 connected using LAN cable to DSL/MODEM/ROUTER. WIZFI630 is getting IP address assigned by DSL/MODEM/ROUTER. WIZFI630 is operating in Gateway mode.

I am using TCP Client. What should Serial Port Server IP be set to? When I assign Server IP to assigned WAN IP address I can access the DSL/Router but cannot get out past that with any HTTP request. I have Port assigned to 80 under serial port settings.

What goes in the OR field underneath Server IP in serial port settings?

Here is a pic of my settings that allow me to send to DSL/MODEM/ROUTER.