No reaction after serial SSID setting


I perfom a series of serial data commands in the following order:

  • Radio On/Off
  • SSID via PS command
  • Power via GP command
  • Country code
  • safety setting via PU command

If I change everything at once but SSID, everything works fine, but if I change everything including the SSID, the next command following the SSID setting fails.

Is there another flashwrite command or a new start necessary before performing more commands after setting the SSID ?

Do I have to write changes via WL command in anyway or is it ok to simply re-write the configuration each time the control powers up ?


I have some question about this issue.
First, Did you change the WizFi630’s operating mode to using command?
Second, Did you use the WizFi630’s firmware as “1.1.29”?

I did test about issue. WizFi630 was well. This is at command list when we did test.

yes everything is set in the right way.
I experienced extremely long time for module response after setting of AP client SSID via command.
Currently I don’t get any response on setting of Alias name via command.

This is a general problem, since the communication is asynch and I need to calculate with timeout counts.

By the way, how can I evaluate the response time to be expected with regards to the table given by the document serial command guide ?


Response time of WizFi630 is generated randomly by operation mode. So we don’t have table of response time.
Although we don’t have document, We can suggest the method as below in order to check response time.

If you enter until received information after issue , you can check time in order to use next command.

  • is serial command for getting information like ,,…
  • is serial command for setting information like ,…

but the serial command guide does tell me something about response times. Are these numbers rough values ?

What about the non reaction for the alias name setting with the actual version v1.1.29 ?
I still use the module in AP client multibridge mode and it seems, that I cannot set the alias name of the module as the setting has gone after next reading of it.


Yes it’s rough values. So we don’t define accurate response time.

And this is answer of your 2nd question.
I have same experience. But it is not the cause of command.
I think cause is <OR iwpriv ra0 set RadioOn=1 && iwpriv ra0 set WlanLed=1> command.
Please test again using as below command list.