Problem with order of serial commands


In the past I always had to send <+++> as the first command, by now I get the response <1> for that, so I can directly start with serial commands without switching to command mode(maybe this is intended by the new firmware ?).

And your second problem is reappearing in our laboratory. So we will find to solve this problem.

Thank you.


meanwhile I performed some more tests and the status telegram shows some more problems.
If I turn off the radio, there is no response from the status telegram, it still appears as if the connection exist while it has gone. This behaviour is independet from if I switch off by serial command or web page.

Has this been solved yet? I have exactly the same issue with the WizFi 630 broadcasting its own SSID when in multibridge mode.


I think I have tracked down the main problem with connecting to APs.

There is still a problem with the command of the serial channel:

The general behavior for password key phrase is, that the key is evaluated until a “” is detected. The status of the command is and the rest of the PW-phrase is simply cut off.
The same appears, if I extend the “
” by “__”, there is no difference.

If a “” is part of the first 8 digits, the remaining part of the phrase including the “” is cut off and the phrase by now is too short, so <2> is returned as a logical error in parameter mismatch.

The web interface works correct, if I attach a key phrase with a “_” content everything works fine. I checked the result by terminal program.

I hope this helps to fix the problem.