Nothing on terminal at power on


I have recently purchased Wizfi220 evaluation board.

On power Up, I believe something should come up on terminal. The terminal settings are as shown below.
Terminal settings -115200 , 8 , n , 1
My serial port is fine. Did a loop back test.

I get nothing on terminal. Tried changing baudrates but no success.

Any ideas what could be the problem? Can I hard/factory reset the module? How to do it?

Its a bit urgent.



I don’t understand why It didn’t work well. But I can suggest method for checking this problem.

Would you upload firmware to WizFi220 again?
This is URL for downloading firmware of WizFi220. ( [url][/url] )

For more information about method for upload firmware, refer to this document.

I recommend to use script like as chapter <8.Clear All Flash Memory #1>

If it will do not work well after upload firmware, you had better do request RMA to distributors.